7th European Club Teams Cup 2014


     4-5 OCTOBER 2014


Dear archers, judges and archery enthusiasts,

WAE honoured the city of Rovereto and the Archery Club Kappa Kosmos entrusting the organization of the 7th European Club Teams Cup, which will be held on 4th and 5th October 2014.

We will make all our experience and dedication available to give all the participants unforgettable memories, that will go beyond the joy and the disappointment of the competition results but will carry the beauty of our land. The region of Trentino is rich in tradition and has a great commitment to tourism and hospitality. Rovereto is also known as the City of Peace and it hosts a large number of cultural and sport events every year, it also can count on a number of museums of european relevance.

We will be proud to host all the athletes, officials and friends in our facility, that is completely devoted to archery and that it already hosted the European Championships in 2010.

We hope this event will be, besides the competition, an important opportunity to meet archers, coaches and judges from all over Europe and to establish relationships with them all.

Our goal is to be remembered for our hospitality, friendship and for the good organization. October is a month when weather is unpredictable, but we hope to be lucky.

We look forward to meet you in Rovereto, where we are sure you will perform at your best.

The President of the Archery Club Kappa Kosmos Rovereto,

Franco Beccari.